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  • Chilli and Chocolate Mega Lollies x5

    Chilli and Chocolate Mega Lollies. Chocolate and chilli in a lolly, whatever next. The Joseph Dobson are cooking up new flavours all the time. These are super tasty and a chilli kick that starts subtly then builds up. Dare you try them? As well as tasting great they look great too, brown with red marbling. NOT IN STOCK
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  • Chocolate Mega Lollies x5

    Give yourself a treat with the delicious Chocolate Mega Lollies. Each hard boiled chocolate flavoured lolly is a popular favourite and made by Joseph Dobson & Sons Ltd.
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  • Organic Soft Liquorice Mint and Chocolate

    Happy Reindeer Organic Soft Liquorice Mint and Chocolate. A lovely treat from Happy Reindeer, made in Finland this premium liquorice product is simply devine. Made from organically produced ingredients.
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  • Chocolate Peppermint Creams

    Chocolate Peppermint Creams. Made by quality sweet maker Buchanan's, indulge yourself with peppermint fondant covered in rich dark chocolate. Go on treat yourself to some today.
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  • Chocolate Pebbles

    Chocolate Pebbles. Looking for something really unusual, then these are it. Random pebble shaped chocolates with a crispy coating, that look they have come straight from the beach.
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  • Buchanans Chocolate Russian Caramel

    Buchanans Chocolate Russian Caramel. Sumptuous caramel covered in rich dark chocolate. Attractively wrapped in red and gold, great for Christmas or wedding favours
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  • Mint Choc Nibbles

    Mint Choc Nibbles. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish with a deliscious blend of real milk chocolate, caramel, wafer biscuit and a lovely fresh mint flavours.
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  • Original Toffee Crumble

    Original Toffee Crumble. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish with a deliscious blend of real milk chocolate, toffee, wafer biscuit and a lovely creamy toffee flavours.
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  • Choc Nibbles

    Choc Nibbs. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish. Try you will love them. A very popular choice.
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  • Orange Choc Nibbles

    Orange Choc Nibbs. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish. Try you will love them. A very popular choice.
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  • Walkers Milk Chocolate Eclairs

    Milk chocolate eclairs from Walkers. These creamy toffee have lovely chocolate centre and are a fabulous eclair. Super tasty.
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  • White Chocolate Skulls

    Pink and white chocolate skulls are great fun at any time of year, but can add a little more 'skulduggery' at Halloween. Are you brave enough to eat these alone....
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  • Spinning Tops

    Pink and white chocolate spinning tops which are topped off with a candy sprinkle coating. These are a lovely treat for the kids and fun too, take them for a spin today.
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  • Ice Cream Cones

    Ice Cream Cones. These are white chocolate ice cream cones each with a white or pink top. These are a lovely little retro treat.
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  • Pink and White Chocolate Mice

    Pink & White Chocolate Mice are a retro classic. Loved by young and old these cute little chocolate mice are irresistible. The pink ones are strawberry and the white are vanilla. Scurry up and get some in your  basket.
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  • White Chocolate Mice

    White Chocolate Mice have been around for decades. Loved by young and old these white chocolate mice are a firm favourite. Taking trip down memory lane and trap some in your basket.
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  • Jazzies Sweets

    These milk chocolate discs covered in multi-coloured candy sprinkles are a real treat. Great for chocolate lovers, candy lovers and kids of all ages. A must for your basket.
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  • Walkers Dark Chocolate Toffee

    Plain chocolate covered toffee from Walkers. These cream toffee sweets are fabulous the toffee and dark chocolate go together like they were made for each other.
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  • Chocolate Limes

    Chocolate Limes. Individually wrapped lime flavoured boiled sweets with a chocolate centre. The lime and chocolate flavours compliment each other beautifully. A tasty treat.
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  • Sugar Free Chocolate Limes

    Sugar  Free Chocolate Limes from Stockleys,  are just as good as their counterparts but without the sugar. They have a lovely crunchy lime flavoured shell and a fabulous chocolate flavour centre. Great for adults and for kids. Wrapper may vary
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  • Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs

    Sugar Free Chocolate Eclairs, you can enjoy these classic toffees with their chocolate centre, guilt free. A sugar free alternative to Cabury's Eclairs.
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  • Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge

    Vanilla and Chocolate Fudge. A truly delicious combination of chocolate fudge married to vanilla fudge. Looks really nice too with the two flavours clear defined by its colour. A yummy treat.
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  • Raspberry Ruffles

    Raspberry Ruffles. These are made by Jameson's. They are dark chocolates with a coconut and raspberry fondant cream centre. Purely luxury, keep them from the kids!
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  • Fish and Chips

    White Chocolate Fish & Chips. A twist on the traditional Friday night chippy tea. These white chocolate fish and chip shaped sweets will go a treat with the kids. At last a fish which non  fish lovers will enjoy. Catch some and put them in your basket.
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  • Chocolate Fruits

    Chocolate Fruits are an old favourite. They have a crunchy hard and brittle shell each with its own fruity flavour, in the centre is a chocolate flavour fondant.
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  • Chocolate Cinder Toffee

    Chocolate Cinder Toffee, Really quite hard to find but we have it here. Lovely cinder toffee in a gorgeous milk chocolate coating. These are a must try sweet.
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  • Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs (Out of Stock)

    Cadburys Chocolate Eclairs. Sometimes nothing else will do, these are a Cadbury classic, lovely caramel toffee covering a milk chocolate centre. These are a real treat at anytime. Get them while you can, Cadburys are no longer selling eclairs in bulk and stocks are running out, once they're gone they're gone!!
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  • Milk Chocolate Mice

    Chocolate Mice. Remember this cute little chocolate mice, step back into your childhood. A delicious alternative to white mice,these are more chocolaty and are just as mousey. Why not mix them up with white mice. Or even with pink and white. The combinations are endless. We love all of them, pink chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate.
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  • Mega Jazzie

    Mega Jazziess. These are a popular sweet. Made from milk chocolate and covered on one side with candy sprinkles everyone loves Mega Jazzies
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  • Plain Chocolate Brazil Nuts

    Dark Chocolate Brazils. A personal favourite and one that is hard to find these days. Dark chocolate Brazils have a thick dark chocolate layer and then the fantastic Brazil nut. These are not just for Christmas try them anytime, they are a true classic.
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