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  • Walkers Milk Chocolate Eclairs

    Milk chocolate eclairs from Walkers. These creamy toffee have lovely chocolate centre and are a fabulous eclair. Super tasty.
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  • Walkers Dark Chocolate Toffee

    Plain chocolate covered toffee from Walkers. These cream toffee sweets are fabulous the toffee and dark chocolate go together like they were made for each other.
    £1.30£11.20 Select options
  • Walkers English Creamy Toffee

    English Creamy Toffee. Traditional English toffee, Made by Walkers these are individually wrapped to maintain the texture and flavour. Why not try some other flavours in the Walkers range.
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  • Assorted Toffee

    Walkers Assorted Toffee. Toffee lovers will love these assorted toffees, with old English, liquorice, eclairs and other flavours too. A very popular choice.
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  • Walkers Liquorice Toffee

    Liquorice Toffee from Walkers. Sumptuous liquorice toffees, these are a favourite of ours. Made by Walkers Non Such makers of traditional toffee, these individually wrapped sweets make a lovely treat.
    £1.30£11.20 Select options