10 Haribo Rainbow Twist Cables

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Haribo Rainbow Twists. Is it raining outside, can you see a rainbow? ah, it must be Haribo Rainbow twists. If your having a dull day then let these brighten it up. You will love the soft, delicious fruit flavour candy, the bright colours will warm you up.

Forget expensive anti-age treatments, just eat a few of these and you will be a kid again in no time.


Haribo Rainbow Twists. Remember the song “it’s raining again”, I think it was Supertramp. Anyway, stop the rain with these rainbow twist, hours of fun can be had with these fruit flavour candy twists.

Make your own rainbow, simply hold one end in each hand then move your hands together until you have created an arch, there you have it, your very own rainbow.

For academics, you can cut them into smaller sizes and make letters, try writing your name with them.

The fun is endless!

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