Strawberries and Cream Tub


Strawberries and Cream. Grab yourself a full tub of these delicious Haribo Strawberries and Cream sweets. Made from a soft candy, they come in contrasting pink and white and have a great strawberry flavour with a hint of cream.



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Haribo Strawberries and Cream Tub. What could be better than enjoying strawberries and cream on a warm summers day, when you are eating Haribo Strawberries and Cream. These sweets are simply delicious and when you start eating them you can’t stop.

We lovely people at You Sweetie have decided to sell whole tubs of these sweets. You get a tub of approximately 600 hundred sweets!

A whopping 1.2Kg, enough to see you through the summer, at least for a week!

Made from natural ingredients, nothing artificial in these sweets.

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