• 10 Haribo Rainbow Twist Cables

    Haribo Rainbow Twists. Is it raining outside, can you see a rainbow? ah, it must be Haribo Rainbow twists. If your having a dull day then let these brighten it up. You will love the soft, delicious fruit flavour candy, the bright colours will warm you up. Forget expensive anti-age treatments, just eat a few of these and you will be a kid again in no time.
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  • Maxons Scented Satins

    Maxons Scented Satins. Traditional hard boiled sweets with a floral flavour. They are very colourful and have a taste that just grows on you. Why not grab a bag and try for yourself. No artifial colours or flavours
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  • Dobson Mint Humbugs

    Dobson Mint Humbugs. Traditional hard boiled mint flavour sweets from Dobson. These really a true retro classic made by a famous sweet maker.
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  • Fizzy Strawberry Lances x 10

    Fizzy Strawberry Lances. These have a lovely strawberry flavour with a fondant centre, they are coated in sour crystal sugar that packs a real punch. We say the are just great.
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  • Mint Choc Nibbles

    Mint Choc Nibbles. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish with a deliscious blend of real milk chocolate, caramel, wafer biscuit and a lovely fresh mint flavours.
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  • Maxons Black Bulls Eyes

    Maxons Black Bulls Eyes. A real true classic boiled sweet. These black and white mint flavour sweets are just fantastic. Takea trip back in time and grab some today.As these are made by tradional sweet maker Maxons, there are no artificial colours or flavouurs.As these are made by tradional sweet maker Maxons, there are no artificial colours or flavouurs.
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  • Maxons Barley Sugar

    Maxons Barley Sugar. These tradional hard boiled sweets are made by master sweet maker Maxons, they have been making sweets for over 100 years. Their barley sugar sweets are probably the best you can get. We love them. No artificial colours or flavours
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  • 8 Liquorice Catherine Wheels

    These novelty liquorice sweets have been around for many years. Barrett Catherine Wheel sweets, have a soft aniseed sweet in the middle. The only question are you an unravelled or do you go straight for the middle. The ones we provide are from Barrett's.
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  • 10 Haribo Sour Rainbow Twist Cables

    Haribo Sour Rainbow Twists. A fruity soft liquorice cable twist, with a sour coating. Very fruity and very sour, these are a must for sour sweet lovers. These are as the name suggests, very colourful sweets, with red, yellow and red, ok, not quite all the colours of the rainbow, but they will still bring a smile to your face when you chew on one of these.
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  • Choc Nibbles

    Choc Nibbs. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish. Try you will love them. A very popular choice.
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  • Dobsons Fizzy Raspberry

    Dobsons Fizzy Raspberry. Traditional boiled sweets with a modern twist. These blue raspberry flavour sweets pack a super fizzy sensation. Not as sour as Mega Sours, which are only for harden sour sweet lovers. These fizzy raspberry sweets are a great entry level sour sweet.
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  • Maxons Pear Drops

    Maxons Pear Drops. These are the best pear drops around. These yellow and red hard boiled sweets have a delicious pear flavour. No artificial colours or flavours
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  • Orange Choc Nibbles

    Orange Choc Nibbs. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish. Try you will love them. A very popular choice.
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  • Maxons Fruit Salad

    Maxons Fruit Salad. Not to be confused with the jelly version. These are hard boiled sweets that come in a variety of colours, red, yellow, orange and green. In a variety of shapes and fruit flavours. As with Maxons these are a quality product with no artificial colours or flavours.
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  • Maxons Red Bulls Eyes

    Maxons Red Bulls Eyes. Take a trip down memory lane with these red bulls eyes. Round traitional hard boiled sweets made from an old fashioned recipie with a very tasty raspberry flavour. No artificial colours for flavours
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  • Tom Thumb Drops Maxons

    Made by maxons who have been in the sweet making business for over 100 years, they produce a range of boiled sweets including, Tom Thumb Drops. Hard boiled mixed fruit flavoured drops. They come in a range of fruity flavours which have no artificial and colours, only natural ingredients used. Grab some of these traditional sweets today.
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  • Dobsons Caramel and Custard

    Dobsons Caramel & Custard. Another great boiled sweet from Dobsons. This caramel and custard flavour hard boiled sweet is simply delicious. Bag some today.
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  • Original Cola Cubes

    Cola Cubes or Kola Kubes. However you spell it, these are an old time favourite. We have the original cola cubes the same as you would remember from decades back. They are in the familiar reddy brown colour, hard boiled cola flavour cube with a slight soft chewy centre. Probably the tastiest cola cubes you will ever have!
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  • Dobsons Aniseed Humbugs

    Dobsons Aniseed Humbugs. Another true classic traditional sweet. Dobsons aniseed humbugs are simply delicous. If you haven't tried them before, then grab some today.
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  • Dobsons Old Toms Original

    Dobsons Old Toms Original. A traditional boiled sweet which is orange in colour and has a herbal and aniseed flavour. A retro winter warmer. Made by Jospeh Dobson who have been making sweets for over 160 years, this is another quality sweet from this great sweet maker.
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  • Dobson Dandelion and Burdock

    Dobson Dandelion & Burdock. Hard boiled sweets with a traditional dandelion and burdock flavour. Another great traditional sweet. Grab a bag today.
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  • Original Toffee Crumble

    Original Toffee Crumble. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish with a deliscious blend of real milk chocolate, toffee, wafer biscuit and a lovely creamy toffee flavours.
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  • Dobsons Fizzy Blackcurrant

    Dobsons Fizzy Blackcurrant. These traditional boiled sweets will take you straightback to childhood. As you put the first one in your mouth, close your eyes and take yourself back to the days of summer holidays that never seemed to end. As the natural blackcurrant flavour excudes, imagine quiet country roads with wild blackcurrants on the verge, warm sun with a gentle breeze.......wake up its time for the next one! Made with natural flavours and colours. Instructions: Buy Dobsons Fizzy Blackcurrant Eagerly open package when it arrives Pop one in your mouth Lie back and drift away to warm summers days, the sound of wood on willow (that is criket). Enjoy
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  • Royale Dandelion and Burdock

    Royale Dandelion and Burdock. You give yourself a Royale treat with these handcrafted Dandelion and Burdock hard boiled sweets. Made to a traditional recipie with a rich purple colour and a sublime taste, what is there not to like?
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  • Barnetts Mega Sour Apple

    Barnetts Mega Sour Apple. Green coloured hard boiled sweets with a super sour apple flavour. They have an acid coating and an acid centre. Real mouth tinglers. WARNING: THESE SWEETS MAY CAUSE TEMPORARY MOUTH AND STOMACH DISCOMFORT IF EATEN IN EXCESS
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  • Grays Herbal Sweets

    Grays Herbal Tablets. Made to an age old recipie, a fantastic traditional sweet that you never get tired of eating.
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