• Mint Choc Nibbles

    Mint Choc Nibbles. These fantastic chocolate odd shaped biscuity sweets are just so moorish with a deliscious blend of real milk chocolate, caramel, wafer biscuit and a lovely fresh mint flavours.
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  • Royale Dandelion and Burdock

    Royale Dandelion and Burdock. You give yourself a Royale treat with these handcrafted Dandelion and Burdock hard boiled sweets. Made to a traditional recipie with a rich purple colour and a sublime taste, what is there not to like?
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  • 10 Haribo Sour Rainbow Twist Cables

    Haribo Sour Rainbow Twists. A fruity soft liquorice cable twist, with a sour coating. Very fruity and very sour, these are a must for sour sweet lovers. OUT OF STOCK WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN THIS PRODUCT WILL BE BACK
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  • 10 Haribo Rainbow Twist Cables

    Haribo Rainbow Twists. Is it raining outside, can you see a rainbow? ah, it must be Haribo Rainbow twists. If your having a dull day then let these brighten it up. You will love the soft, delicious fruit flavour candy, the bright colours will warm you up. Forget expensive anti-age treatments, just eat a few of these and you will be a kid again in no time.
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  • Original Cola Cubes

    Cola Cubes or Kola Kubes. However you spell it, these are an old time favourite. We have the original cola cubes the same as you would remember from decades back. They are in the familiar reddy brown colour, hard boiled cola flavour cube with a slight soft chewy centre. Probably the tastiest cola cubes you will ever have!
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  • Fizzy Strawberry Lances x 10

    Fizzy Strawberry Lances. These have a lovely strawberry flavour with a fondant centre, they are coated in sour crystal sugar that packs a real punch. We say the are just great.
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  • Stockleys Sarsaparilla Sticks x 5

    Stockley's Sarsaparilla Sticks. A true retro classic, these are a taste of past times and are as good today as they ever were. Red in colour with a fantastic sarsaparilla flavour. OUT OF STOCK
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