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  • Mega Sour Apple 3Kg Jar

    Barnetts Mega Sour Apple 3Kg Jar. Wow a full jar of these mega sour sweets. Innocent looking balls with a bright green colour and raspberry flavour. When you put one in your mouth, all seems ok, then, bang, the sour kicks in and your eyes water. If you crunch them they release even more mega sour sensation. Save £££ buying in a bulk jar. Not suitable for children under 8 years old. WARNING: Excessive consumption may cause mouth and stomach irritation
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  • Barnetts Mega Sour Apple

    Barnetts Mega Sour Apple. Green coloured hard boiled sweets with a super sour apple flavour. They have an acid coating and an acid centre. Real mouth tinglers. WARNING: THESE SWEETS MAY CAUSE TEMPORARY MOUTH AND STOMACH DISCOMFORT IF EATEN IN EXCESS
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