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  • 4 Flumps

    Flumps. Marshmallow cable twists. Individually wrapped, Flumps are a great treat for kids and adults alike. Feel the squidginess! Free from artificial colours and flavours and fat free!
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  • Pink Strawberry Marshmallow Puffs

    Pink Strawberry Puffs. Pink and White marshmallow puffs with a fantastic strawberry flavour. These are a great treat and are also gluten free, as are all the Fini range from this Spanish sweet manufacturer.
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  • Fini Strawberry Mallow Golf Balls

    Strawberry Mallow Golf Balls. Super squidgy and super tasty. These strawberry mallow golf balls from Spanish sweet maker Fini are devine. They have a lovely vibrant red colour and can be used for parties and weddings. Each bag contains 150 mallows with an approximate weight if 1 kilo.
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  • Fini Vanilla Mallow Golf Balls

    Fini Vanilla Mallow Golf Balls. Gluten Free vanilla flavour mallows from Fini. These are sold as a full bag of 150 pieces approximately 1 kilo in weight. Because they are so distinctive these are great for wedding favours.
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  • Apple Mallow Golf Balls (150 Pieces)

    Fini Apple Mallow Golf Balls. Fat Free and Gluten Free, these bright green apple flavoured mallows are a guilt free treat. Each bag contains 150 of these marshmallow treats,that is approximately a whole kilo of squidgy enjoyment.
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