Fathers Day

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  • Candy Pizza

    Candy Pizza, Novelty candy pizza in a pizza style box. This pizza made from candy really does look like a pizza. These make a great novelty gift for birthdays or simply as a thank you. These are the full-size candy pizza with over 400g of jelly candy.
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  • Football Candy Mix

    Football Candy Mix. A great stocking filler for football fans everywhere. Each box contains a colourful mix of fruit jellies in the form of a pizza. Have a great night in with the footy and pizza!
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  • Jelly Pizza

    Jelly Pizza. Novelty pizza in a pizza box. These jelly pizza's look really authentic, a clever use of jelly sweets formed into a delicious sweet pizza. A super and fun gift for any occasion.
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  • Mega Sour Blue Raspberry 3Kg Jar

    Barnetts Mega Sour Blue Raspberry 3Kg Jar. Wow a full jar of these mega sour sweets. Innocent looking balls with a lovely blue colour and raspberry flavour. When you put one in your mouth, all seems ok, then, bang, the sour kicks in and your eyes water. If you crunch them they release even more mega sour sensation. Save £££ buying in a bulk jar. Not suitable for children under 8 years old. WARNING: Excessive consumption may cause mouth and stomach irritation
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  • Traffic Light Mega Lollies x5

    Give yourself a classic delight with the delicious Traffic Light Mega Lollies. Each Traffic Light lolly starts in red and then turns the colours of a traffic light as you lick away! Made by Joseph Dobson & Sons Ltd.
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  • Chocolate Gold Coins x 15

    Chocolate Gold Coins. Unwrapped the gold foil to reveal a lovely chocolate coin. Not just for Christmas enjoy these any time. A real treasure of a sweet.
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  • Blue Raspberry Bon Bons Gift Jars

    A jar of sweets makes a great gift. These Raspberry bon bons are simply delicious. Jars are available in small or large, they complete with a decorative ribbon, pink or blue and a gift tag to write a message.
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  • Red Heart Throbs Sweet Cones

    Red Heart Throbs in a cone gift bag. These cone bags make a great gift for any sweet lover. Great for birthdays, valentines or simply to give as a thank you gift. Sweet Weight 270 grams
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  • Red Heart Throbs Small Sweet Jar

    Haribo Red Heart Throbs in a small jar. These small gift jars make a great gift for any sweet lover. Haribo Red Heart Throbs are red jelly with a white foam back and have a lovely strawberry flavour. Sweet weight approximately 270 grams. Jars come with red ribbon and a generic gift tag.
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  • Blue Heart Throbs Small Sweet Jars

    Haribo Blue Heart Throbs in a small jar. These small gift jars make a great gift for any sweet lover. Haribo Blue Heart Throbs are blue jelly with a white foam back and have a blue raspberry flavour. Sweet weight approximately 275 grams. Jars come with blue ribbon and a generic gift tag. OUT OF STOCK - NOT CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION
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  • Strawberry Millions Gift Jar (227g)

    Strawberry Millions Gift Jar. These Strawberry Millions are 'jam' packed with strawberry flavour. These little balls of strawberry joy are chewy and scrummy. Crispy on the outside and then they are full of chewiness on the inside. We love Strawberry Millions. Aubrey Strawberry is the character of Strawberry Millions gang. Millions come in 8 great flavours all with their very own fruit character. All of the Millions are kosher and suitable for vegetarians, no artificial colours or flavours, only natural ones
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  • Swizzel Lemon Refreshers Chews

    Swizzels Lemon Refresher. The classic lemon refresher. Great lemon flavour toffee with a fizzy lemon sherbet centre. These are a firm retro favourite. These are the standard size refresher. You need to set some time aside if you are going to tackle one of these, they take a bit of chewing to soften the toffee, so be prepared not to have the ability to speak for a while as you try and undo your jaws.
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  • 3 Packs of Strawberry Jawbreakers

    Strawberry Jawbreaker. Round rock hard candy with a strawberry flavour and a bubble gum centre. Great for exercising your cheeks.
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  • 8 Dark Chocolate Bananas

    Why not treat yourself, your family and friends with these amazing chocolate bananas. They have a soft jelly centre covered in lovely chocolate and are one of the best taste combinations on the planet. These are a must for your basket.
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  • Rum and Raisin Fudge

    Delicious Rum and Raisin Fudge. Soft creamy fudge with lots of juicy raisins. A long lasting fudge favourite. Why not buy some for your nan and grandad or even just for you.
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  • Kingsway Pint Pots Sweets

    Pint Pots, formed in the shape of a pint glass, the beery sweets are surprisingly moreish, with a great beer flavour, why not try them today.
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  • Flying Saucers x 50

    Flying Saucers. These UFO Saucers filled with sherbet are one of the most popular retro sweets out there. Made from rice paper flying in a range of colours, these have a lovely sugary taste when you bite into them followed by the sherbet explosion. These are a must have in your basket.
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  • Bulls Eyes

    Bulls Eyes. A hard boiled classic from a by gone time. These hard boiled black and white balls with their minty flavour will carry you back in time.
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  • Fish and Chips

    White Chocolate Fish & Chips. A twist on the traditional Friday night chippy tea. These white chocolate fish and chip shaped sweets will go a treat with the kids. At last a fish which non  fish lovers will enjoy. Catch some and put them in your basket.
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  • Chocolate Cinder Toffee

    Chocolate Cinder Toffee, Really quite hard to find but we have it here. Lovely cinder toffee in a gorgeous milk chocolate coating. These are a must try sweet.
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  • Swizzels Love Hearts Mini Roll

    These are the classic Swizzels Love Hearts, each sweet has an endering message which you can pass to your nearest and dearest. They come in a range of soft pastel colours and have a fruity flavour. These mini rolls are handy for your bag or pocket. Add these retro sweets to your basket today.
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  • Atomic Fireblast

    Atomic Fireblast. These mega hot hard candy balls really do pack a hot punch. A great winter warmer or to enjoy any time of year. Available to buy as a single pack, 6, 12, 24 or a full case of 36.
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  • Sherbet Fountain Barratt x 5

    Tried the Dip Dab, now here is the king Sherbet Fountain! The iconic long liqourice stick and a yellow tube of white zingy sherbet, great fun. We all remember dipping the liquorice stick into the sherbet and enjoying the mouthwatering fizz in our mouths! Sherbet fountains are made by Barratt and a true retro sweet made with only natural flavours and colours.
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  • Kingsway Blackcurrant and Liquorice

    Blackcurrant and Liquorice have been around for many years and are still as popular as ever. These individually wrapped sweets have a boiled sweet outer shell, blackcurrant, that is filled with liquorice flavour soft toffee. What a fantastic combination.
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  • Plain Chocolate Brazil Nuts

    Dark Chocolate Brazils. A personal favourite and one that is hard to find these days. Dark chocolate Brazils have a thick dark chocolate layer and then the fantastic Brazil nut. These are not just for Christmas try them anytime, they are a true classic.
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