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  • 15 Swizzels Double Lollies

    Double Lollies from Swizzels are an old time retro favourite. They have a chalky texture with a fruity flavour. These two tone lollies have been around for decades and taste just as good now as they did all that time ago, they are also individually wrapped.
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  • 3 Dip Dabs

    Dip Dabs. What a true childhood retro classic. A lovely lolly to dip into a bag of sherbet, it doesn't get better than this. They still come in the distinctive yellow bag with a red lolly inside. Go on treat yourself or someone you know to a blast from the past.
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  • 5 Chupa Chups Melody Pops

    These are retro sweet that had all but disappeared, now they are back. Melody Pops, used to be Whistle Pops but what's in a name, they still make the same racket and are just as tasty, albeit noisy, treat for your little ones.
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  • Christmas Sweet Bag

    Our Christmas sweet bags come packed with a range of retro sweets. The bags are made of fabric so can be used again. Each bag has either a Father Christmas, Snowman or Child with a bobble hat design. Each one comes filled with a variety of popular retro type sweets. Due to the limited nature of the bag we cannot accept a specific design. We may also replace items with a similar item in the event we are out of stock on any sweet.
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  • Black and White Mints

    Black & White Mints. You will have these delicious sweets in liquorice allsorts. Black and white mints are made up of white fondant mint and layered with liquorice. A true retro favourite.
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  • Treacle Toffee

    Treacle Toffee. These individually wrapped Treacle Toffee sweets are a mouth watering treat for both halloween and bonfire night.  A popular British classic that tastes very strongly of molasses and is simply delicious.
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  • Pink Foam Shrimps

    Kingsway Foam Shrimps. These are small but perfecctly formed and taste great. They have a nice pink colour and a lovely foamy texture.
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  • 8 Candy Necklaces

    Candy Necklaces. Another retro classic. Hard candy necklaces, very colourful, wear it around your neck and when you feel hungry have a bite. Sweets and fashion in a single product. Colours may vary.
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  • 10 Haribo Sour Rainbow Twist Cables

    Haribo Sour Rainbow Twists. A fruity soft liquorice cable twist, with a sour coating. Very fruity and very sour, these are a must for sour sweet lovers. OUT OF STOCK WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN THIS PRODUCT WILL BE BACK
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  • Royale Dandelion and Burdock

    Royale Dandelion and Burdock. You give yourself a Royale treat with these handcrafted Dandelion and Burdock hard boiled sweets. Made to a traditional recipie with a rich purple colour and a sublime taste, what is there not to like?
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  • Barratt Milk Teeth

    Barratt Milk Teeth. A fun retro sweet, remember putting them in your mouth for that goofy look. Maybe that was just me. These foam pink and white teeth shaped sweets are bags of fun.
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  • Strawberry Fizz Wizz Popping Candy x 3

    Strawberry Fizz Wizz Popping Candy. Back in the day when this stuff came out it was called space dust. There used to be competitions to see who could put a whole packet in their mouth in one go, we don't recommend trying this. Although this popping is now called Fizz Wizz it still has the same crackling and popping sensation when you put it in your mouth. As great as it ever was.
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  • Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum x 20 Pieces

    Anglo Bubbly Gum. These are a real blast from the past. Pink bubble gum in a yellow and blue wrapper. Remember the competitions in school to see who could produce the biggest bubble. Then bang, bubble gum all over your cheeks. Take a trip back in time with a bag of these true retro classics.
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  • Black Jack Chew Bars x 6

    Black Jack Chew Bars. A bigger version of the retro classic Black Jack penny sweet. I remember when you could buy 4 black jacks for 1p, that was a long time ago. Anyway, now you have have more of that Black Jack chewiness and lovely liquorice flavour in a bar.
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  • Chocolate Gold Coins x 15

    Chocolate Gold Coins. Unwrapped the gold foil to reveal a lovely chocolate coin. Not just for Christmas enjoy these any time. A real treasure of a sweet.
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  • Original Cola Cubes

    Cola Cubes or Kola Kubes. However you spell it, these are an old time favourite. We have the original cola cubes the same as you would remember from decades back. They are in the familiar reddy brown colour, hard boiled cola flavour cube with a slight soft chewy centre. Probably the tastiest cola cubes you will ever have!
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  • Mini Jelly Bean Machine

    Mini Jelly Bean Machine. These are great fun, no money required to get your hands on the jelly beans. Turn the handle and the goodies inside drop into your hands. Great for weddings, parties or just a fun treat. We cannot guarantee the colour you will receive, it will be whatever is available.
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  • Aniseed Rock

    Aniseed Rock by Maxons is a top seller and popular rock sweet.   Each rock sweet tastes amazing with a mouthwatering, moorish aniseed flavours.
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  • Blue Heart Throbs 3Kg Bulk Bags

    Blue Heart Throbs the delicious fruit flavour blue jelly sweets in the shape of a heart. Sold in a selection of weights these blue and white, raspberry flavoured jelly sweets are great for a treat, birthday parties, wedding sweets, valentine's or use as an addition to a retro Pick N Mix. You will love these great little sweets, why not try the red heart throbs too. They are just a yummy! OUT OF STOCK - NOT CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION
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  • Strawberries and Cream Tub

    Strawberries and Cream. Grab yourself a full tub of these delicious Haribo Strawberries and Cream sweets. Made from a soft candy, they come in contrasting pink and white and have a great strawberry flavour with a hint of cream.   OUT OF STOCK
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  • Red Heart Throbs 3Kg Bulk Bags

    Red Heart Throbs the delicious fruit flavoured jelly sweets in the shape of a heart. These blue and white, strawberry flavoured jelly sweets are great for a treat, birthday parties, wedding sweets, valentine's or use as an addition to a retro Pick N Mix. You will love these great little sweets, why not try the blue heart throbs too. They are just a yummy!
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  • Rhubarb and Custard Tub 300 Pieces

    Rhubarb and Custard Sweets made by Haribo. Lovely pink, green and yellow coloured candy sweets. They have a fabulous Rhubarb and Custard flavour. No artificial colours or flavours.
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  • 6 Blackcurrant Liquorice Flyers

    Blackcurrant Liquorice Flyers. Soft black liquorice shell with a blackcurrant crystal centre, sherbet to you and me. If you love liquorice flyers you will love these.
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  • Grays Teacakes

    Grays Teacakes. A very old recipe, these are softish sweets with a traditional coconut/almond flavour.
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  • Stockleys Peppermint Sticks x 5

    Stockley's Peppermint Sticks. These are traditional boiled rock sweets that have a fresh peppermint flavour. Very nice and minty. OUT OF STOCK
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  • Stockleys Sarsaparilla Sticks x 5

    Stockley's Sarsaparilla Sticks. A true retro classic, these are a taste of past times and are as good today as they ever were. Red in colour with a fantastic sarsaparilla flavour. OUT OF STOCK
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  • Dobsons Old Toms Original

    Dobsons Old Toms Original. A traditional boiled sweet which is orange in colour and has a herbal and aniseed flavour. A retro winter warmer. Made by Jospeh Dobson who have been making sweets for over 160 years, this is another quality sweet from this great sweet maker.
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  • Strawberry Toffee Splits

    Strawberry Toffee Splits. These have a caramel outer shell with a strawberry toffee centre. What a mouth watering combination. Simply delicious.
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  • Banana Split Toffee

    Banana Split Toffee. Buchanans Banana Split Toffee is simply devine. These brown and yellow toffees are full of toffee and banana flavour. Scrummy!
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  • Maxons Pear Drops

    Maxons Pear Drops. These are the best pear drops around. These yellow and red hard boiled sweets have a delicious pear flavour. No artificial colours or flavours
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